Lindsey Calla

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From an early age I remember having a curiosity to learn more about the world outside of my own. I daydreamed about traveling and studying art and history and immersing myself in things that were unfamiliar. As I grew up, I followed that interest studying International Affairs and Art History. I loved the Italian Renaissance and presented research work at Renaissance conferences referencing dress in 15th century portraiture and how it affected the culture at the time.

I put those interests slightly on the back-burner as I entered the work force, choosing to chase art by working in fashion magazines putting together fantasy editorials. I continued to use my curiosity by interviewing celebrities on red carpets and on television. A new frontier of sharing information was emerging, and as an early settler, I moved blindly into new territory in the growing social media world. From here, things began to move at warp speed. A decade into it, a few twists and turns found me digging back into what originally set my soul on fire and ignited passion and creativity. I was traveling the world writing and photographing my experiences in wellness travel. I began to contribute to outlets like Mind Body Green and acting as the Active Wellness Travel Ambassador for Yahoo Health.

As the social media world evolved, I began craving real connection and conversation. Information was getting murky, the sources were becoming obsolete and algorithms began to dictate what was important according to likes. It’s a strange place to find ourselves in! Through my travel experiences I had access to fascinating people who still continued to share knowledge as it has been done for thousands of years. History and true information are best past on through conversation and it’s my mission to help share as much real conversation as possible, from all over the globe.

I welcome you to this project and I hope you find inspiration in these stories!

Lindsey Calla